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Clomifeencitraat tabletten + Tamoxifen Ebewe + Stanozolol Confortare + Parabolan + T3 Cytomel

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The T3 cycle is the combination of five drugs that are used in bodybuilding. The combination consists of Parabolan (Trenbolone) 100mg/ml – 1 pack (10AMP), Winstrol (stanozolol) 10mg – 110 TABS, T3 Liothyronine natrium 50mcg – 25 tabs, tamoxifen citrate 20mg – 45 tabs and clomiphene citrate 50mg – 35tabs.

Parabolan (trenbolone) 100mg/ml – 1packet (10 amp)


The effective dosage recommended for men is 300-500mgs/week. The effective dosage for women is not as such recommended but they are requested to take lower than this dosage. The active life of the dosage is 5-7days. And the detection time is 4-5 weeks.


·        Parabolan is the greatest recommended drug for the bodybuilding. It is the best anabolic steroid.

·        It stabilizes the blood hormone levels of the body when they are used by the athletes.

·        The acetate version of Parabolan is the best of all as it helps increase the testosterone in the body.

·        Parabolan has some awesome off-season gains that are hard to beat.

Winstrol (stanozolol) 10mg – 110tabs:


The dosage for prophylactic use to decrease the severity and frequency of hereditary angioedema is 2mg orally three times a day. The dosage for the bodybuilding purpose is40-80mg and the higher dosage is 50-100mg orally. The cycles have a duration of 5-6weeks.


·        During the cycle, the body of athletes and bodybuilders achieve the best results they want to achieve.

·        It gives the lean muscle mass and quality to the body that is very important for them.

·        It reduces the body fats and gives the body a harder look that is suitable and required for the competitions.

·        Cardio and good diet double the benefits of the Winstrol. It kills the fatigue of the body.

Liothyronine natrium 50mcg – 25 tabs:


The dosage is different for every person whether in bodybuilding case or the patient case. The recommended dosage for it is 25mcg daily. Then the dosage may be increased up to 25mcg after every 1-2 weeks. The tablets are recommended daily. The usual maintenance of the dose is 25-75mcg daily.


·        Liothyronine is used for a medical and non-medical purpose.

·        They are used to treat the condition of hypothyroidism.

·        It also increases the metabolism in the body.

·        Liothyronine help stimulates the body functions such as the normal hormone production of thyroid glands.

Tamoxifen citrate 20mg – 45 tabs


To increase the activity of the body, tamoxifen is taken and the dosage is 20mg for ten days. the testosterone level increases by up to 41% if you use it for a month it goes up to 84%.


·        Tamoxifen activity is most checked and supervised in sports.

·        Tamoxifen increases the activity of testosterone in the body.

·        Tamoxifen inhibits the production of estrogen in the body of the athlete and bodybuilder.

·        Tamoxifen increases the total body weight, increase the muscle mass and their relief.

Clomiphene citrate 50mg – 35tabs

The best dose recommended for the clomiphene users is 100mg/day in the form of tablets. Clomiphene is for PCT. It increases body performance and increases the work power of the body. For the treatment of females suffering from ovulation, the disorder is recommended to take 50mg/day. Clomiphene is taken for 5 days on the 5th day of your menstrual period.


·        It is used by the females to improve the chances of pregnancy and to better the process of ovulation.

·        It is also used for post cycle therapy in the bodybuilding community.

·        It normalizes the principal hormone of the athlete’s body and gives the courage to win the competitions.