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ACE-031 - 1 MG

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ACE-031 is a soluble form of a receptor that is responsible for muscle growth and is named as IIB activin receptor (ACVR2B). Myostatin is responsible for the inhibition of the muscle growth but when it gets bound with ACVR2B than myostatin loses its activity. Production of myostatin occurs by the muscle cells which in return cause hyperplasia. ACE-031 acts by binding with the myostatin and other proteins that activate the myostatin, after binding it blocks the activity if the myostatin. Hence, in short, we can say that this product is responsible for the increased muscle mass and is very selective in its action.

Uses related ACE-031-1MG

This product is of great importance among the bodybuilders due to its unique and very selective activity. Few of its most important uses are mentioned below:

Ø  ACE-031-1MG binds with the myostatin receptors and prevents its binding with its actual receptors present in the body

Ø   Myostatin binding with its actual receptor switch off the growth of the muscles but due to restriction of myostatin binding site with ACE-031-1MG, the growth of the muscles is unrestricted.

Ø  It also helps in maintaining the requirement of fat for healthy muscle mass extra fat gets utilized.

Many pharmaceutical industries are conduction experiments for the investigation of ACE-031-1MG effects for muscle wasting syndrome. ACE-031-1MG is also being used in the treatment of many medical treatments.

Dosage of ACE-031-1MG

Dosage must be according to the recommendation of the doctor. ACE-031-1MG is available in the pacing having powder shape and the user has to dissolve it gently in the bacteriostatic water.  For the preparation of the suspension, the water must be injected directly into the vial. The vial must be rotated and shaken very gently so that any powder won’t remain in the end.  For the dissolution of ACE-031-1MG, we can take 1ml of water so that each ml of water contains 1mg of ACE-031. For more efficient this 1ml can be injected whole or it can be splinted into the several one. This suspension that you prepare once can be used later but it must be stored in the refrigerator. The half-life of that product is 15 days so there is no need for repeated dosage.  The administration route of that product is subcutaneous or intramuscular. In healthy individuals, high doses are seen well tolerated.  As this product is very selective in its action than high doses are acceptable to some limit as they could lead to severe headaches.




The user before starting the use of ACE-031-1MG must consult to the doctor and told them about all the allergies and medical history that they have in the past. There is a possibility that this product may contain the allergen as an inactive ingredient which could cause complications after its intake. Ladies and especially feeding mothers are not recommended these doses as its use could have damaging effects on the fetus or the newborn baby. High doses are not recommended. The user must follow the schedule prescribed by the doctor and stick with it like gum.